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Summer Office Hours: 7:30a–4p, Weekdays

Summer Library Hours: Noon–4 Weekdays

The Talon, 06.01.2016

Orienting; Sand; ATS Scholarship; Booking; Commencing; Change; Noting; Riding

The Talon 04.26.2016

2 more weeks; Baccalaureate; Commencement; Awards Day; Walking; Winning

The Talon 04.08.2016

Spring into fall; Loeb/Ellison Lecture; United Nations; Vietnam; Home Sweet Huntingdon; It’s all Greek; April Madness; Service opportunities

The Talon 03.02.2016

Hawk flights; Learning is business; Miss Huntingdon; SGA election results; Databases and goodies

The Talon, 02.16.2016

The Talon, 02.16.2016: Billy Graham and American Politics; Hawks Love Trees; Hawks SaveFirst; Hawks Love Art; Honors Seminars; Hawks Hate Mosquitoes; Bring your cans to the game

The Talon 02.01.2016

Stars on stage; Black History Month; Art; Fat Tuesday; Internships; Huntingdon Leadership Academy; Spring Sports

The Talon 01.19.2016

irst week deadlines; King Convocation; Leadership changes; Spring-loaded events; Misbehavin’; Getting Burned; Open books; Lilly Grant; Duke agreement; and more

The Talon, 12.01.2015

Sing in the Season; Great Sports; All-Conference Football; National Champions x 2; Mystery Trip

The Talon, 11.02.2015

Education; Trees; CCV Events; Preview Day; Global Scholars Program; Demick Presentation; Group Counseling; Bus Boycott Anniversary; Cloverdale Dedication

The Talon, 10.15.2015

The Talon, 10.15.2015: Cloverdale Celebration; Mid-term week; Mail; Dirty Feathers; Hand Wheels; Boundaries; Owl-o-ween; Invasion Invitation

The Talon, 09.30.2015

Homecoming, Family Weekend, Preview Day, pianos, service, deadlines, banned books

The Talon, 09.03.2015

Important first week deadlines; new faces on faculty and staff

The Talon, June 2015

New students welcomed to campus; Annual Fund giving sets another record; honors bestowed during Commencement Exercises; Awards Day Convocation celebrates top achievers; Borders leads group to the Holy Land; put some class in your summer; USA South Athletic Conference grows; five Hawks named to NFF Hampshire Honor Society; Chem/Biochem students spend the summer in research; six Hawks get their summer internships “on the hill”; Community Interaction Grant takes science to the River Region

The Talon, Special Edition, Graduation Weekend 2015

Graduation Weekend Information

The Talon 04.21.2015

Music EVERYWHERE; CloverJAM; Home Sweet Huntingdon; MANE man; Summer; HOPE; Greek Awards

The Talon 04.07.2015

Ellison Writers Festival; winging around the world; special music gifts; fall term preregistration; changes in the housing application process; Greek Week; meeting famous people in cyberspace; counting on good help

The Talon 03.18.2015

A new Miss; a new Prez; a new Faculty Superstar; honors; art; spirit; women; and all that jazz

The Talon 03.03.2015

Hawks love trees; Cyber-purchasing; Touching history; Get a Preview

The Talon 02.17.2015

Chapman Benson Lecture; Yes. She’s that good.; Empowering women and girls; Countdown to Commencement; Getting on firm ground; There’s a group for that

The Talon 02.02.2015

The Talon 02.02.2015: Art; Science on Screen; Leadership Academy; Studying the beach; Historically speaking; Rankings

The Talon, 01.20.2015

The Talon 01.20.2015: King Convocation; CloverJam; Service; Campus Improvements; Book Vouchers; Meal Plan and Class Schedule Changes; Ability Sport Network; United Way Campaign

The Talon, 12.01.2014

Christmas at Huntingdon; The season for giving; Music every night this week!

The Talon 11.18.2014

Fa-la-la-la-la; Shoeboxes; Mats; Hoops; Stories; and Futures

The Talon,11.03.2014

Spring Forward; Shoeboxes of Wishes; The Red Lady Lives; Good as Gold

The Talon, 10.21.2014

Masha Hamilton coming to campus; Murder; Helping Feathers; Spooky Sounds

The Talon 10.08.2014

Homecoming, Alumni Awards, Beautiful Music, Stallworth Lecture, Domestic Violence Awareness

The Talon, 09.22.2014

The Talon 09.22.2014: Huntingdon does good; Hawking the greens; Marching into the night; Spiking in pink; Keeping it short

The Talon, 09.08.2014

Strings, Celebrations, Preview Day, Pizza, Spirit, Title IX, New Staff, Fish

The Talon, 08.25.2014

Welcome or Welcome Back! First week deadlines; Hot news; Gettin’ in the spirit; No more smoke signals; New faculty; Announcements; Happenin’ Hawks

The Talon 07.01.2014

New faces, new names, new places at Huntingdon