Take Note

2015 Black History Month Art Exhibit

Featured artist: Bruce Phillips; show opens Thurs., Feb. 12, 7:30p, Seay Twins Art Galllery

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Coach Ashley Aguilera

Title: Assistant Golf Coach

Phone Number: (334) 833-4447  Email: aaguilera@hawks.huntingdon.edu

Latonia Allen

Title: Head Coach, Volleyball

Phone Number: (334) 833-4411  Email: latonia.allen@hawks.huntingdon.edu

Ms. Jessi Andrews ’13

Title: Head Coach, Red Wings, Ability Sport Network

Email: jandrews@hawks.huntingdon.edu

Ms. Kate Atkins

Title: Program Coordinator, Ability Sport Network; Assistant to the Dean of the School of Teacher Education and Sport Science; Assistant to the Director of Disability Services

Phone Number: (334) 833-4295  Email: kate.atkins@hawks.huntingdon.edu