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The Miss Huntingdon Scholarship Pageant

2014 Miss Huntingdon Pageant

2014 Miss Huntingdon Pageant

The Miss Huntingdon Scholarship Pageant is an annual pageant planned and organized by the Office of Student Life and the Campus Activities Board. The pageant offers young Huntingdon women the opportunity to earn a scholarship based on their ability to present themselves with poise and confidence and to demonstrate strong communication skills. The pageant is open to Huntingdon students who are within the classification of junior, sophomore, or freshman. The woman who is crowned Miss Huntingdon is asked to be a positive Huntingdon College ambassador who exemplifies faith, wisdom, and service in her student experience.

2015 Miss Huntingdon Pageant: Saturday, March 14, Leo J. Drum Jr. Theater; admission $5 per person at the door; limited seating