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July 24, 2013
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Huntingdon students, staff build a rainbow

Storm July 23 1About 70 students and staff armed themselves with the Huntingdon spirit and cleared mountains of limbs and tree trunks from the Huntingdon College Green this morning as the campus recovered from a storm that hit the Cloverdale area especially hard last night. One student described seeing a funnel of wind that snapped off trees at their bases and splintered large limbs as if they were toothpicks. Several Cloverdale streets were closed today, impassable because of fallen trees that took down power lines in the neighborhood.  Still, despite a soggy Green and a seemingly endless clean-up task before them, students and staff pitched in to help the buildings and grounds teams cut up and haul off the debris, one day before the start of the second summer orientation session.  Nearly 150 students and their families will be on campus tomorrow as they prepare to enroll this fall. The Huntingdon family made sure that the newest hawks would see evidence of a rainbow, not a storm.  See more pictures on the Huntingdon College Facebook page:   

storm July 23 2 July 23 storm 3 


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