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June 23, 2011
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Neighbors gather to learn about Huntingdon Tomorrow

Cloverdale Neighborhood Meeting

Montgomery, Ala.—Huntingdon College neighbors gathered in the College's Ligon Chapel, Flowers Hall, this evening to learn more about plans for the $16.5 million growth campaign known as Huntingdon Tomorrow.  Huntingdon President J. Cameron West, trustees Alice Reynolds and Ken Upchurch, and senior vice president for planning and administration Jay Dorman presented the components of the plan and answered questions posed by audience members. 

"A small group of neighbors joined me in my office to discuss Huntingdon Tomorrow earlier this month," said West.  "The neighbors were very excited about the projects and wanted others to know about the building and growth as well,.  This public meeting was an outgrowth of that discussion."  West said the plan initiatives will impact the neighborhood positively in a number of ways. 

The campaign includes the addition of academic programs and facilities in theatre and dance; resurfacing Charles Lee Field to serve as a multi-sport athletic facility; reconstruction of the College's tennis courts and construction of a new championship court; the addition of lacrosse and track and field to the College's NCAA-Division III intercollegiate athletic roster; renovation of Pratt and Hanson Halls to serve as a student center and living facility, respectively; and the construction of a natatorium on the Cloverdale Campus. The projects, which will be phased in during a seven-year period, have already begun. 

"One of the things that really excites us about these projects, besides the many ways they will enhance the Huntingdon student experience, is that they offer new ways and possibilities for our neighbors to be integrally involved in the life of the College," said West.  "Our neighbors walk and jog and bike through campus regularly, and we're so pleased to see that.  They attend the lectures, concerts, and athletic events.  With these new facilities and programs, we will once again be able to serve the community with theater and dance performances and to offer opportunities for our neighbors to swim in the pool, as they used to do many years ago.  This fall, Montgomery citizens will be able to see the first ever lacrosse games played in this area.  We believe that the liberal arts experience Huntingdon offers is really the gold standard in American higher education, and it is exciting to involve members of the community in the intellectual, cultural, athletic, and spiritual dimensions that are part of the Huntingdon experience." 


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