Walking Tour

 Map 2013 

Put on your walking shoes and let’s take a tour of the historic Huntingdon College campus!  Please note that the numbers on this map do not match those on the printable PDF diagram of campus posted below.

You may view photographs of our campus by choosing a building/location below or take a virtual tour of our campus using eCampusTours.com.  Download a PDF diagram of campus.

Buildings and Facilities—Main Campus

  1. Carolyn and Wynton Blount Hall
    1P. Blount Parking Lot
  2. Bellingrath Hall 
  3. Hubert F. Searcy Hall
    3P. Searcy Parking Lot
  4. Miriam Jackson Home 
  5. John Jefferson Flowers Memorial Hall
    5A. Ligon Chapel
    5P. Flowers Parking Lot
  6. Julia A. Pratt/Weenona Hanson Hall 
  7. Julia Walker Russell Dining Hall 
  8. James W. Wilson Center
    8P. Wilson Parking Lot
  9. John E. Trimble Memorial Building 
  10. The Delchamps Residence 
  11. Ligon Memorial Hall 
  12. Seay Twins Art Gallery 
  13. Willard D. Top Stage 
  1. Massey Beach and Gibbs Tennis Center championship court
    14P. Narrow Lane Road Parking Lot
  2. The Hut 
  3. Houghton Memorial Library 
  4. Catherine Dixon Roland Student Center
    17A. College Bookstore
    17B. Catherine Dixon Roland Arena
    17C. Mail and Printing Services Center
    17P. Delchamps Parking Lot 
  5. Neal Posey Field 
  6. Sybil Smith Hall
    19P. Smith Parking Lot
  7. Soccer and Softball Fields 
  8. North Tennis Courts—Gibbs Tennis Center 
  9. South Tennis Courts—Gibbs Tennis Center 
  10. The Green 

Bowman Ecological Study Center 

Golf Courses 

Buildings and Facilities—Cloverdale Campus

  1. Cloverdale Administrative Building and Leo J. Drum Jr. Theater 
  2. Will and Kelly Wilson Community and Athletic Center, including James W. Wilson Jr. Gymnasium
  3. Dr. Laurie Jean Weil Center for Human Performance 
  4. Theater program supply building
  5. W. James Samford Jr. Stadium 
  1. Charles Lee Field 
  2. Buzz Phillips Field House 
  3. Cloverdale Business District 

Huntingdon's American Chestnut Trees1. Blount Residence Hall2. Bellingrath Hall3. Searcy Residence Hall4. Miriam Jackson Home5. Flowers Hall5A. Ligon Chapel6. Pratt/Hanson Hall7. Julia Walker Russell Dining Hall8. James W. Wilson Center9. Trimble Hall10. Stables Studios11. Delchamps Residence12. Ligon Residence Hall13. Seay Twins Art Gallery14. Top Stage15. Massey Beach16. The YWCA Hut17. Houghton Memorial Library18. Roland Student Center18A. Follett Bookstore18B. Roland Arena19. Neal Posey Field20. Sybil Smith Hall21. Soccer and Softball Fields22. North Tennis Courts23. South Tennis Courts24. The Green25. Cloverdale Administrative Building26. Will and Kelly Wilson Community and Athletic Center27. Art Building28. Dr. Laurie Jean Weil Center29. W. James Samford Jr. Stadium30. Charles Lee Field31. Field House32. Cloverdale Historic and Business District 

Huntingdon College is a college
of the United Methodist Church.

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