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Tanjanik Munford

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Tanjanik Munford '15


Calculus Major: 

  • Mathematics 


  • Mathematics 

Teacher Certification: Mathematics, grades 6–12

  • Major requirements and course descriptions are outlined in the Huntingdon College Catalog.
  • These programs of study are part of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. 

Numbers in Action

Make your degree a 10! Combine your quantitative skills with training in logic and the clear communication of ideas with a Huntingdon Mathematics major. Get involved through hands-on experiences that include:

  • Huntingdon Mathematics Club 
  • Kappa Mu Epsilon national mathematics honor society—Huntingdon’s chapter active since 1965
  • Opportunities to attend regional and national conferences
  • Senior Capstone project—learn about a topic outside of usual class content, and present results to a mathematically literate audience.

Why Huntingdon?

Through the Mathematics major, you will acquire a core body of mathematical knowledge, develop your quantitative and analytical skills, and, more broadly, learn to present concise logical arguments in both written and oral form. A degree in mathematics is excellent preparation for studies in areas as varied as engineering, economics, medicine, and law. The flexibility of the requirements at Huntingdon allows you to customize the degree, or easily combine it with a second major, to better prepare you for your postgraduate plans.



Mathematics careers abound in science and industry, finance and economics, and even in sports and entertainment. Mathematics is a fundamental tool for weather forecasting, industrial quality control, computer network traffic analysis (and automotive traffic analysis, as well), marketing, insurance, opinion polling, virtually every field of science (such as chemistry, archeology, astronomy, medical research, and geology), animation and special effects, communications, and logistics. In addition, the study of mathematics prepares your mind to approach problems logically and to prepare concise yet thorough arguments to support decisions. For these reasons, Huntingdon Mathematics graduates have entered virtually every career field.

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