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Taylor Calloway '15

Air Force ROTC (Aerospace Studies)

Students involved in this program may complete a minor in Aerospace Studies.  Course descriptions and requirements are listed in the Huntingdon College Catalog.  Most courses are taught at Alabama State University. 

The goal of the Air Force ROTC curriculum is to provide the military knowledge and skills cadets will need when they become Air Force officers.

Each year, the Air Force offers a variety of ROTC scholarship programs to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding academic scholarship and leadership potential. Scholarships cover tuition, laboratory, and incidental fees, and provide an allowance for books. Scholarship cadets also receive a nontaxable allowance each month.  

Although Air Force ROTC students take the ROTC courses at Alabama State University, they are enrolled as full-time students at Huntingdon, and any financial assistance provided by the military is based on tuition and fees at Huntingdon.

For additional information and detailed program requirements, students should contact:

Air Force ROTC Detachment 019
Alabama State University
Patterson Hall, Room 115
915 S. Jackson St.
Montgomery, AL 36101-0271

(334) 229-4305 

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