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Tyler Chaffee '15

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Tyler Chaffee '15


 Accounting internship at Taylor Chandler

The Huntingdon Internship Program is an undergraduate academic program developed to incorporate real world work experience and learning into a student’s college academic experience in order to help the student find his or her personal calling. The program is a partnership among the student, the employer, and Huntingdon College. Each partner has a responsibility to be honest and ethical. Each student represents not only him- or herself, but also his/her academic department and the College. Conduct and performance should be of the highest standards.

Internships provide students with educationally-related work experience that integrates theory learned in the classroom with practical application on the job. It is an opportunity for students to develop personal and professional maturity and ethics.

For employers, an internship provides an opportunity to assist in the student’s development, to supplement a business or organization’s workforce with emerging talent, and to enhance long-range recruiting efforts by evaluating students’ potential for employment at graduation.

Definition: What is an internship?

An internship usually refers to a one-term work experience, which can occur any semester or during the summer. Some internships may continue for multiple terms. The experience can be full- or part-time, paid or unpaid. It is up to the student and employer to work out these details and expectations.

Benefits of Doing an Internship

  • Career-related work experience
  • Exposure to professional work environments
  • Application of ideas learned and personal skills for use in the “real world”

Internship experience makes you more mature, more professionally polished, and teaches you things beyond what you can learn in the classroom. You’ll appreciate your education more as a result, and you’re likely to perform better academically after having worked. Looking for experience during college helps you learn essential job search skills so that you’ll be better prepared for the job search when you graduate.

Where to Find Internship Placements

Postings for internship positions will not be found in one location. Don’t short-change yourself: use multiple sources in your job search. Take advantage of these services and resources:

  • Current employers of Huntingdon students
  • Publish your résumé with the College Central Network and apply for jobs
  • Your academic department
  • Online sources for everyone

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