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Tyler Chaffee '15

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Tyler Chaffee '15

Hawks on the Hill

State Capital Internships

From Huntingdon’s front door, it’s just a left and a right to the Capitol and to a world of opportunities in public service. Through the Hawks on the Hill program, Huntingdon College students gain important and résumé-worthy experience working in and for local, state, or federal government, or studying and working in our nation’s capital, through two components: the Hawks on the Hill Internship Program and the Washington Semester Program.

To qualify for placement in a Hawks on the Hill Internship or in the Washington Semester Program, you must have completed at least 36 semester hours of credit at Huntingdon or as a transfer student, and have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all course work completed.

The Benefits

There is no substitute for “learning by doing” in obtaining a full and complete education. Hawks on the Hill serves Huntingdon College students and the community by placing talented, world-ready young men and women in positions to learn and to make a difference for the world.

  • Real world, résumé-worthy experience
  • Direction and connections for life after college
  • Career definition
  • The chance to make a difference
  • Deeper understanding of the issues and solutions faced in public service
  • Enhance classroom knowledge with life experience

For information on how to set up an internship, consult the Internship Education Packet or the Center for Career and Vocation.

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