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2011–12 Huntingdon Plan Travel-Study

London 2010 

The 2011–12 travel-study experiences are as follows:

Australia: Chemistry Down Under

  • Traveling:  March 2012 (Spring Break)
  • Leaders: Dr. Maureen Kendrick Murphy '78, professor and chair, Department of Chemistry, and Professor Eric A. Kidwell, director of the library
  • Group size:  15–45 students
  • Supplemental costs:  $750 to $1500 per student, dependent on airfare
  • Description:  Students in this experience will explore the chemistry of the Australian continent through research, hands-on laboratories, and development of library guides, studying geochemistry, minerals, natural resources, water quality, drugs and medicinal compounds found in Australian plants and animals, and Australian chemists’ research.  The seminar will provide a chemical and research methods background to prepare students for sights, lectures, and research in Australia; expose students to the role of chemistry, dyes, and organic natural resources in the production of native and contemporary Australian art; and access chemistry and pharmaceutical-related research on native Australian wildlife, marine life, corals, animals, and flowers at the University of Sydney Library in order to develop a series of library guides for Huntingdon College connecting chemistry with Australia.

Austria:  A Magical Musical Tour

  • Leader:  Dr. Jennifer Canfield, assistant professor of music
  • Traveling:  May 11–20, 2012
  • Group size:  15–45
  • Supplemental cost:  $500–$1000, dependent on airfare

Description:  This course will study the lives, times and music of famous composers and musicians of Salzburg and Vienna. Vienna has been called the center of classical music. Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven were all associated with the city. Franz Schubert and the Strauss family considered Vienna home. Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music is considered by many to be the heart of classical music. The popular musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, “The Sound of Music,” is based on the experiences of Maria von Trapp, who lived in Salzburg. Moreover, the 50th anniversary of the making of the movie has reawakened the popularity of the film.  This seminar will focus on historical and biographical information of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, and Strauss and their music. An overview of the musical, “The Sound of Music,” will be presented.  After studying the glorious music of these geniuses, the class will visit Vienna and Salzburg.

England:  British History as Told through British Tales

Leaders:  Dr. Ann Phillips, assistant professor of psychology, and Dr. John Saunders, assistant professor of communication studies

  • Traveling:  May 9–17, 2012
  • Group size:  25–45
  • Supplemental cost:  Meals and incidentals
  • Description:  This is a study of English history by looking closely at four distinct stories with different versions.  The class will study the various forms of the same basic story with an eye to how it changes according to its audience—such as the various forms of the Legend of Robin Hood.  Then the group will travel to England and visit some of the sites where these tales originated.


Leaders:  Dr. Allen Tubbs, associate professor of biology, and Mr. James Hilgartner, assistant professor of English

  • Traveling:  December 2011–January 2012
  • Group size:  9–15
  • Supplemental cost:  Meals and incidentals
  • Description: Snorkeling, kayaking and other adventures from the Mango Creek Lodge in Honduras.

Puerto Rico:  Adventures in Paradise

  • Leaders:  Dr. Ann Phillips, assistant professor of psychology, and Dr. Roxanne St. Martin '94, assistant professor of athletic training
  • Traveling:  January 2012
  • Group size:  25–45
  • Supplemental cost:  Meals and incidentals
  • Description:  This course will introduce students to “adventure” activities that will enable students to become active for life.  Students will be introduced to psychological topics associated with physical activity.  Because the students will visit Puerto Rico, the course will include history and culture of the island along with a discussion of the basic ecology of the island’s environment.

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