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Staton Center for Learning Enrichment

Miriam Jackson Home

Miriam Jackson Home

The success of every student is the focus of everything we do.

The Thomas and Emma Staton Center for Learning Enrichment, located on the first floor of Miriam Jackson Home, provides a wide range of academic support for success both during and after college, including tutoring, the Center for Writing and Critical Thinking, informal review sessions, academic counseling, instruction in study skills and time management skills, and the Huntingdon Mentor Program (HMP). These services are open to all students. The Center especially encourages students who are struggling in classes to come for help instead of trying to “do it on your own.” The goal of the Staton Center is for every student to succeed.

The mission of the Staton Center for Learning Enrichment is to provide guidance and service to Huntingdon College students.It is our goal to give each student the advantage and opportunity to accomplish academic achievement while experiencing the satisfaction of success gained through learning.

Thomas and Emma Staton

The Staton Center was named in memory of the late Professor Emeritus of Psychology Thomas F. Staton and in honor of his wife, Emma. Dr. Staton joined Huntingdon’s faculty in 1960, serving 20 years as head of the psychology department. His books on various applications of psychology were published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Afrikaans, Indonesian, and Chinese.