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ADCP Graduation Information, Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Taylor Calloway '15

Adult Degree Completion Program


 ADCP Class Montgomery 2013 

The Huntingdon College Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) awards a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. In addition, site-specific study opportunities include a Concentration in Health Care Management at the Birmingham-LSCC, Daphne, Montgomery, Opelika and Pell City sites. Also, a Criminal Justice Minor in Management or Administration/Psychology is available.To qualify for graduation in any ADCP major, you will complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, including the following:

  • Core Courses (45–51 hours): Subjects include basic sciences, English composition, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, and religion. Some credit for these courses can be obtained through CLEP testing (see to acquire more information regarding the subject tests only)
  • Liberal Arts Electives (9 hours): The courses within this requirement include courses in humanities, science, or social science.
  • Major Courses, Bachelor of Science in Business Management (45 hours): The courses within this requirement include courses in business administration, economics, and accounting.
  • Major Courses, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (57 hours): The courses within this requirement include courses in Criminology, Criminalistics, Terrorism, and Interview and Interrogation.
  • General Education Electives (remaining hours up to a total of 120): Hours may vary based upon transfer credit received and remaining course requirements. These are courses of your choice to broaden your knowledge and skills.
  • A Concentration in Health Care Management is available at the Birmingham-LSCCDaphne, MontgomeryOpelika, and Pell City sites.
  • Note: At least 30 credit hours must be completed through the Huntingdon Adult Degree Completion Program in order to obtain a degree. 

Because your classes will meet only one night a week in five-week sessions, the accelerated course format requires student preparation and work outside of the formal course structure. In many courses, students will have both reading and writing assignments due the first night a class meets. Class size is kept small, ranging from 12 to 20, so that students can interact easily. The personalized attention and excellent teaching for which Huntingdon College is known are part of the Adult Degree Completion Program as well as the traditional day program.

Further information regarding graduation requirements is available in the ADCP section of the Huntingdon College Catalog.

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