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ADCP Graduation Information, Saturday, May 17, 2014

Adult Degree Completion Program


General Core Requirements (45–51 Hours)

  1. Introduction to the Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) (0 hours)
    1. First-Semester Seminar
  2. Written and Oral Communication (9 hours)
    1. English Composition (6 hours—basic composition courses only)
    2. Communication Studies (3 hours—equivalent to CMST 201 Introduction to Communication or CMST 233 Effective Public Communication)
  3. Judeo-Christian Tradition (6–12 hours)
    1. Religion (6–12 hours)
    2. Requirement must be completed through Huntingdon College.
  4. Historical Foundation (6 hours)
    1. History
  5. Aesthetic Expression (9 hours)
    1. Fine Arts (3 hours)
    2. Literature (6 hours)
  6. Science and Mathematics (9 hours)
    1. Mathematics (3 hours)
    2. Sciences (6 hours)
  7. Social Awareness (3 hours)
    1. Social Sciences

For more complete information about curriculum requirements, consult the ADCP section of the current Huntingdon College Catalog.

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