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December 4–8, 8:30a–5p daily in the Bookstore (students who entered during 2016–17 or fall 2017)

Bellingrath-Morse Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Bellingrath

For decades, the Bellingrath-Morse Foundation has provided vital scholarship funding to Huntingdon College. Founded in 1955 upon the death of Walter Bellingrath, foundation earnings beyond those needed to operate Bellingrath Gardens and Home, in Mobile, Alabama, benefit the College and other educational projects of the foundation. In sum, the Bellingrath-Morse Foundation has contributed more than $20 million to the College since the foundation’s inception. Members of the Bellingrath family are also generous to the College, lately providing the funding for the renovation and expansion of Bellingrath Hall, the College’s science building. The foundation not only provides necessary funding, but also reinforces the guiding principles of liberal arts education for which Huntingdon has stood since 1854.