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Huntingdon Tomorrow

Construction in Progress July 8, 2011

Read more about Huntingdon Tomorrow.  See an updated campus map.


Synthetic turf will be installed on Charles Lee Field.  The turf will make it possible to use the field for multiple sports.  The field will extend into the old practice field.  Eventually, bleachers will be added at the north end of the existing stadium to accommodate more fans and the full band; and a track will be placed around the outside of the turf portion of the field.  Visiting team bleachers will be added opposite the stadium. Samford Stadium  Field Update 2
In preparation for the turf, the old grass and field were removed, red clay was put down, drainage pipes were installed, a layer of gravel was installed on top, and the gravel is being smoothed.  The turf blankets will arrive later this month.  When the new field is in place, rainwater will seep through the turf and into the underlying drainage system, so that no standing water remains on the field.  Gravel 
The perimeter of the turf portion of the surface will be surrounded by new grass from sod this year.  Eventually, a track will be built in this area. Track 
The north tennis courts have been removed in preparation for rebuilding these courts in the same location as part of the new Gibbs Family Tennis Complex.  North courts 
Fencing around the south tennis courts has come down.  These courts will be removed and rebuilt in the same location, as well. South Courts 
A new championship court will be constructed in the footprint of the former Massey Hall.  This court will have an observation tower. Championship Court 
In preparation for the construction of the championship court, Massey Beach is being relocated slightly north of its former location, but still in the Massey Hall footprint. Massey Beach 

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Huntingdon Tomorrow
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