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August 12, 2011
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Huntingdon football making early progress but still struggling with heat

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Just two practices into the season, Huntingdon College head coach Mike Turk is already seeing the potential in several incoming football players.

 “There are guys in that group of newcomers that will have to contribute this season,” Turk said. “We’re going to need some of them to be ready to go for the first game of the year. We don’t know who all of them are yet, but we’re starting to identify a few of them. It is encouraging that those guys are already starting to stand out.”

Overall, the second day of practice went a lot like the first for Huntingdon. The Hawks showed improvement in some areas during Friday morning’s practice at W. James Samford Stadium. But Turk was disappointed with the lack of progress in one specific area.

“We did some good things and we got better at some things today,” Turk said. “But we did not get better at fighting through the heat and a little fatigue. We dealt with that on the first day and we dealt with it today and we haven’t dealt with it very well either day. We obviously have some strides to make in that area.”

The Hawks practiced in shorts and helmets for more than two hours on Friday. Much like Thursday’s practice, Turk said the effort and enthusiasm were good early but faded as practice went on.

“That’s part of it and it happens every year, but it’s discouraging when you waste an opportunity to get better,” Turk said. “It’s just a matter of being mentally tough and being excited about getting to play. It’s not easy to do when it’s hot and you’re a little tired. But there is no excuse for us to go out there and not be excited about the opportunity to get better as a team.”

The Hawks return to the field for practice at 9 a.m. on Saturday for the first of two days in shorts and shoulder pads. Sunday’s practice is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. All practices are open to the public.

“We’ll get after it tomorrow,” Turk said. “This is when it starts to be real football. We won’t be tackling anyone to the ground yet, but now we can start to work at full speed in most areas.”


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