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Taylor Calloway '15

Taylor Calloway '15

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Major: Elementary/Collaborative Special Education

Career Goal: To teach special needs children

Taylor Calloway '15If there were a one-word description for every person, Taylor says hers would be, "Helper." She loves to help people—especially those who have no way to help themselves—and that's why she wants to start a school for special needs individuals someday. Her first memorable encounter with such a person was in third grade, when she became the self-appointed student assistant for a classmate who had disabilities, and continued when, as a dancer in an arts magnet middle school, she traveled and performed for audiences, some of whom had special needs. 

Taylor chose Huntingdon for her college home after declaring she would not attend Huntingdon, would not live on campus, and would not be involved in Greek life during college. Her mother signed her up for a Huntingdon Host Day, which she attended reluctantly, and it was "love at first sight," she says.  "I fell in love with the campus and the people instantly. So much so, Huntingdon is the only place I applied, and I felt so at peace with the decision. God opened both doors for me to come here—and turned the lights on, too!" 

Now she has reversed all three prior determinations.  She lives on campus, is involved in Greek life, and is the Panhellenic delegate for her sorority as well as serving as a Huntingdon Host.  She says living on campus made all the difference.  "I used to be a very shy person, but being here has brought me out of my shell completely and I have found out who I am."

Bound for a career in teaching, graduate school, and possibly a doctoral degree in her field, her future students can be assured they will have a learned and compassionate helper at the head of their classroom.

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