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EBD New Students

ADCP gradCongratulations! Once you are admitted to the Huntingdon College Evening Bachelor’s Degree, there are just a few more steps necessary to complete the initial enrollment process.


Your letter of acceptance will include information about your Huntingdon e-mail account and password. You will use this account for all correspondence with the College from this point forward. Be sure to check this e-mail address daily.


After you complete the admission process, your file will be sent to the Office of the Registrar for a Transfer of Credit Evaluation (TCE). The registrar will prepare an official Check Sheet, listing the courses that transferred and the courses that remain to complete your bachelor’s degree requirements. The Check Sheet will be sent to you via your Huntingdon e-mail account. The Registrar’s Check Sheet is copied to your Site Coordinator (who is also your academic adviser) and is the official document that indicates transfer of credit. (Note that your Site Coordinator may prepare an unofficial Check Sheet for initial advising purposes, but this is not the official document.) Your Site Coordinator will then provide a Plan of Study for you, listing the courses you will complete to progress toward your degree.

You should use your official Check Sheet as a guideline upon which to record classes as they are completed and to plan your future registrations. The adult learning (Evening Bachelor’s Degree/formerly Adult Degree Completion Program) section of the College Catalog can be used in conjunction with the Check Sheet and Plan of Study.

Your Site Coordinator will use the Check Sheet for in-office updates at the end of each semester. Any revisions to your Plan of Study will be sent to your Huntingdon e-mail address.


The first time you register, you will meet with your Site Coordinator. Subsequent registrations may be completed online. Contact your Site Coordinator for registration deadline information. Note: In order to withdraw from a class without incurring tuition charges, the withdrawal must be received in the Registrar’s office prior to the beginning of the session.

The Schedule of Classes can be viewed online through Self-Service.  A list of courses offered each semester by site, course modules, and other information can be found on your site page.