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Freshmen and new transfers: return textbooks by Friday, April 28.

Book Vouchers – EBD

ADCP graduateIf the financial aid award you receive for attendance in the Huntingdon College Evening Bachelor’s Degree program exceeds the amount necessary for payment of tuition and fees, you may qualify to receive a Book Voucher in order to use your financial aid toward the cost of your books.

In order to qualify for a Book Voucher, you must:

  • Apply for admission and be accepted to the Evening Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Complete all steps of the financial aid application process, including signing and accepting your award letter, completion of Direct Loan Entrance Counseling, and completion of the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note, if applicable.

Once these steps have been completed, if your aid exceeds your tuition and fee payment, you may follow the directions below to receive your Book Voucher. Note: this process must be completed each session.

Please allow three to five business days to process your Book Voucher. To complete the Book Voucher process:

  1. Send a request using your Huntingdon College e-mail account (see your acceptance letter for this information) to the Office of Student Financial Services at finaid@hawks.huntingdon.edu. Your request must indicate the amount of funding necessary on your Book Voucher for the upcoming session. If your request does not indicate the total amount you need, we will be unable to process your request.
  2. The Office of Student Financial Services will verify your eligibility for a Book Voucher and will e-mail to you a Book Voucher form (Word document). The body of the e-mail will read: “Attached you will find your book voucher. Please open and print the Word document. Please read the voucher in its entirety, sign, date and fax to (334) 833-4235. Upon receipt, you will be notified via e-mail from studentaccounts@hawks.huntingdon.edu that you may call the bookstore at (334) 833-4482 and place your order. To receive your textbook via mail, you must specify this in your order to the bookstore. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.”
  3. The entire value of the Book Voucher will be charged to your account. Any unused funds will be credited back.

For questions regarding this procedure, contact the Office of Student Financial Services by calling (334) 833-4519 or (800) 763-0313, or e-mailing finaid@hawks.huntingdon.edu.