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EBD Financial Services FAQ

  1. Commencement 2015What if my parents paid into the Alabama PACT program? Can I use that funding toward my tuition?
    Yes. In order for the College to bill the Alabama PACT program for your tuition costs, you must first complete the Prepaid Tuition Plan Worksheet (see Forms).
  2. If I am eligible for employee tuition reimbursement, how does that work?
    Each employer has a different set of requirements and procedures for tuition reimbursement. Check with your Human Resources Office in order to determine the requirements for your workplace, as well as the procedure by which you can be reimbursed for all or part of your college costs. Be aware that some employers require a commitment to remain at that workplace for a period of time after receiving the benefit; others require a specific grade point average to receive the benefit; etc.
  3. If I do not qualify for a need-based loan based on the FAFSA results, are there other personal loans for which I could apply?
    Yes, you may approach any lender for this purpose. Refer to the guide on Alternative Loans from the Forms page.
  4. My company laid me off last month, so the tax information I provided on the FAFSA indicates a higher income than I currently have. What should I do?
    Consult the Office of Student Financial Services to file an Unusual Circumstances form. We will work with you to be sure that circumstances relevant to your financial situation are considered in the award process.
  5. Can I pay my tuition by credit card?
    Yes. In order to pay by credit card, complete and submit the Credit Card Authorization Form (see Forms). Note that we do not accept credit card payments by phone. We also accept checks, cash, or money orders for account payment.
  6. Do you have a payment plan so that I can pay over the course of a semester?
    There is no payment plan; however, your ability to register and pay by session means that payment is due for each five-week session separately. In effect, this is like an installment plan if you register for all sessions prior to the beginning of a semester.
  7. The federal government has selected my FAFSA for verification. What does this mean? How do I verify the information?
    The government randomly selects a number of FAFSA applications for verification of the information provided and chooses others when more information is needed. Don’t worry—this is a normal and common procedure. In order to complete the verification process, see Verification Packets on the Forms page of this Web site, and complete the forms appropriate to your status and year of enrollment.

Whatever your questions, the staff of the Evening Bachelor’s Degree is here to serve you. Contact us by calling (334) 833-4518 or (888) 462-5067, or e-mail eb@hawks.huntingdon.edu.