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Special Status Admission


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Students who do not wish to seek a degree but who would like to enroll for one or more courses should submit the Special Student Application for Admission. Part-time, non-degree seeking students, designated as Special students, may register for regular courses through the Registrar’s Office.  Registration is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Prospective Special students must confirm their completion of high school or the GED and provide all previous college transcripts, or they must be approved by the provost.
  • An individual denied admission to Huntingdon College as a degree-seeking student is not eligible to register as a Special student.
  • Special students may not take classes numbered 300 or above without the approval of the Provost.
  • After completing four courses as a Special student, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher to continue as a Special student.
  • Exemptions from any of the above restrictions may be granted only by the Provost.
  • Payment arrangements for Special students must be made in accordance with the policies set forth for regular students as defined in the Huntingdon College Catalog.
  • Special students will be charged at the same rate per credit hour as regular students.
  • Special students are not eligible to live in residence halls or to participate in intercollegiate athletics or fraternity or sorority membership.
  • Special students are not eligible for any Huntingdon College scholarships or Title IV federal funds.
  • Should the Special student subsequently meet regular eligibility admission requirements and choose to become a degree-seeking student, transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended will be evaluated.
  • Any credits earned while designated a Special student are applicable toward the degree sought at Huntingdon College.
  • Special students must adhere to the same institutional academic policies (except as noted above) as regular students.