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Freshmen and new transfers: return textbooks by Friday, April 28.

Tuition and Fees

Hawks football

Hawks football

2016–2017 academic year:

  • Tuition (*Fixed): $24,400
  • ^Room, board/**Fees & Information Resources: $9,100/$1,400 = $10,500
  • Total (for the academic year): $34,900

2017–2018 academic year:

  • Tuition (*Fixed): $24,900
  • ^Room, board, and **Fees & Information Resources: $9,500/$1,500
  • Total (for the academic year): $35,900

*Fixed Tuition keeps your tuition at the same rate for four consecutive years of full-time attendance. Your family will be able to plan for no increases in tuition costs during your four years of attendance. Fixed Books includes the cost of books in your fees.

^Room and board based on double occupancy.

**Fees: The annual Student Fee supports a variety of student activities and services, including a Huntingdon Plan travel experience in the student’s senior year, the Huntingdon Plan computer program with technical support, Student Government Association (SGA) fees and sponsored events, publications, and lectures. Other fees are applicable to each student’s class schedule, such as lab fees, independent music instruction, and other fees. For the 2016–2017 academic year and forward, fees also cover books and other information resources.

Huntingdon is providing for the cost of information resources in the 2016–2017 fee schedule and years forward.