Take Note

2014 Stallworth Lecturer MASHA HAMILTON

On campus October 27-29; Lecture Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7:00 p.m., Ligon Chapel; free and open to all

Federal Perkins Loans

Marks Abernathy photoPerkins Loans are part of a federal program administered by Huntingdon College that provides loans of up to $4,000 to students who demonstrate high financial need. The size of the loan is based on the student’s demonstrated need and the other components of the financial aid package. Repayment of the Perkins Loan must begin nine months after the borrower graduates or ceases to be at least a half-time student. Interest accrues from the beginning of the repayment period at the annual percentage rate of 5% on the unpaid balance, except that no interest will accrue during any deferment period.

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