Take Note

The Countess of Huntingdon Ball, Thurs., Jan. 25, 8–11 p.m.

Free for HC students; semi-formal attire; Montgomery Country Club

Orientation FAQ

What Do You Want to Know?

Q: What if I need to change my orientation date?

A: Contact your admission counselor or the admission office at 334-833-4497.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Check our packing list.

Q: Do I have to stay overnight on campus?

A: Incoming students (even those commuting after they begin classes) will stay overnight on campus on two-day orientation sessions.

Q: Should I bring anyone with me?

A: You can bring two people with you. A separate program for parents is held simultaneously to help parents become acquainted with College services and resources. Additional family members or friends who accompany you to New Student Orientation are charged at a rate of $40 each. Accompanying family members must make lodging arrangements off-campus.

Q: Where do parents stay?

A: Parents should make lodging arrangements off-campus.

Q: What if I don’t know what I want to major in?

A: No worries! Exploring and finding new paths for your life are what a liberal arts education is all about. If you don’t declare a major, you will begin as an “undeclared” student. There are several advisers who work with students who haven’t yet declared a major. They will help you choose your first semester of classes, and they will work with you to choose a major that suits your interests, goals, and talents.

Q: How are roommates selected?

A: Roommates are selected on the basis of your responses to the roommate questionnaire in the Campus Residency Application and the Campus Residency License Contract. If you know or meet someone with whom you’d like to room, you must both name each other on your housing forms. Freshmen can only room with other freshmen.

Q: What if I have a friend with whom I’d like to share a room in the fall?

A: If you and a friend have chosen to room together, you must both indicate that you would like to room with each other on your respective Campus Residency forms. Just think carefully before you choose to room with a good friend. Anything that annoys you about that person will be magnified tenfold if you live together.

Q: When will I find out who my roommate is?

A: Roommates are selected during July and communicated toward the end of the month. After you receive notification, you should be in touch with your roommate in order to coordinate what you bring to the room, as well as décor (if that matters to you). For any additional questions, contact the Office of Residence Life at (334) 833-4349.

Anymore questions you’d like to ask? Just text or call your admission counselor or email the Office of Admission at admiss@hawks.huntingdon.edu.