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 The 2014 Baccalaureate Service will be held at 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 16 

Graduation Information (Saturday, May 17, 2014)

Levelized Tuition FAQ

Big Red Weekend 2010Huntingdon’s Levelized Tuition plan—the only one of its kind in the region—is designed to alleviate the pressure of rising tuition costs. 

What is “levelized tuition?”
Levelized Tuition means your tuition cost will remain the same during four years of consecutive full-time enrollment, allowing your family to budget for college costs without the worry of future tuition price increases.

Will my federal aid package change from year to year?
Because of changes in federal and state aid requirements and in you and your family’s financial situations, your aid package may change each year.  However, as long as you maintain consecutive full-time enrollment, your tuition will not increase, and as long as you meet the requirements for any Huntingdon tuition scholarships and grants in your aid package, these awards should not change.

Does levelization include the cost of room and board?
No, room and board costs are subject to inflationary changes.

How does levelized tuition affect transfer students?
Transfer students will pay the same tuition and fees as entering first-year students and will share in the benefits of Levelized Tuition during their course of study. 


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