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Tyler Robinson '14

Federal Work-Study Program


Federal Work-Study is designed to provide a flexible work opportunity conducive to the overall academic environment. It is important to understand that work-study is a real job; it is not a program to pay students to spend their time studying.  There are many different work-study experiences available at Huntingdon, all of which vary widely in scope, level of responsibility, work  setting, and work required. 

Eligibility for Federal Work-Study is determined by your financial need as calculated when you and your family file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Your eligibility for this program may change if your financial circumstances change, which is why students must reapply for federal aid each year. Funding for Federal Work-study is limited.  It is important to file your FAFSA and complete the aid process as soon as possible after the application period begins to maximize chances of having work-study included in your aid package.

If you are determined to be eligible for Federal Work-Study placement, and if positions are still available at the College for the coming year, you will be notified on your Financial Aid Award Letter and instructed to complete the work-study application.  If you would like to work in this program, simply download and complete the application, indicating the types of work you are most interested in performing, and return it with your Award Letter acceptance.  Once you have accepted the work-study, you will be put on a list of work-study students at the College for the coming year, and an assignment for your job will be made by the work-study coordinator. 

If you are eligible for work-study but are not initially selected because of funding limits, you can be placed on a waiting list for this program.  Simply download and complete the work-study application and submit it to the Office of Student Financial Services.  Eligibility will be determined and, as funds become available, consideration will be given.

If you are awarded work-study, during the first week of classes, you should: 

  • See Ken Garrett, work-study coordinator, in the Tech Team offices in Flowers Hall B5.  He will give you your work assignment and necessary paperwork. 
  • Set-up your income tax and paycheck information with the Office of Business and Finance, Wilson 110A.
  • See your supervisor and set-up a work schedule.

Remember that prior eligibility for or placement in work-study does not indicate eligibility or placement in subsequent years. 

Work-study can provide valuable work experience for your resume as well as connections and references for future professional direction or placement. If you take the job seriously and complete the work diligently, your efforts will be appreciated!

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