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Happy Thanksgiving!

No classes November 24–28; offices open Nov. 24–25 only


Harden SpencerThe Campus Ministries L.E.A.D Team is dedicated to offering students leadership roles in different areas of ministry.

Together, the L.E.A.D Team:

  • learns what it means to be a Christian leader and disciple of Jesus Christ;
  • educates other students in their specific ministry areas; and
  • advocates on behalf of those inside and outside our community who are in need of support and a voice.

The L.E.A.D Team disciples other students to take leadership positions on campus, raising up leaders for the next year.

Areas of involvement on The L.E.A.D Team include: Worship Band Leader, Worship Systems Director, Small Group Coordination, Gnosis Bible Study Coordinator, Prayer Team Coordinator, Coordinator of Fellowship Events, Retreat Planner, Publicity, Technology Supervisor, Director of Peer to Peer (P2P) Learning.

To learn even more about Huntingdon Campus Ministries, visit hccampusministries.com.