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New Student Orientation, Session II, July 23–24

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Community Service

BRW Day of Service 2013

Big Red Weekend Day of Service 2013

“Enter to grow in wisdom; go forth to apply wisdom in service”—Huntingdon College motto

Serve. There is no better way to realize that “it’s not all about you” than to serve the needs of others, and there is no greater bridge to understanding than to step into another’s shoes. That’s why Huntingdon students take part and lead in service projects through their courses, clubs, and organizations, with their residence hall floor-mates, teammates, and with their faculty. Since Huntingdon’s founding, service has been a hallmark of the Huntingdon experience.

The Office of Community Service gathers service requests from members of the community who are seeking assistance. Teams, clubs, organizations, and groups who are seeking service opportunities may consult with the Community Service office or find and plan their own service projects.  Community Service hours should be reported through the online form, posted below.  Be sure to include the names of those who served, the place, the hours, and a brief description of the work accomplished.