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CLOVERJAM 2015: Corey Smith, The Dirty Guv’nahs, Dianna Corcoran

Fri. April 24, 7:30p, Roland Arena; Tickets $20 at Eventbrite.com or at The Hut; free for students, faculty, staff

Report Your Service Hours

  • Disclaimer

    You may not report your community service hours as an individual and as part of an organization or team. You must choose one or the other. Any individual caught falsifying information on this report will have 50 hours deducted (if reporting as an individual) and 200 hours deducted (if reporting as an organization or team). Please be honorable and show integrity in reporting the hours of service to worthwhile causes. If you are paid for service hours that you performed, then it may not be reported as community service hours. The expectation of service hours (as noted at Huntingdon College) are that they are offered as a voluntary giving of your time. NOTE: Paper forms will no longer be accepted. Please fill out this online form for ALL community service hours.