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Student Health Services

The mission of the Office of Student Health Services is to assist students with their health care needs. This goal includes:

  1. Promoting wellness by offering learning opportunities for life-long health;
  2. Providing assessment of acute illness or injury; and
  3. Recommending follow-up treatment or referral as needed.

The Office of Student Health Services, located in The Hut, is open 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. weekdays during the academic year. The director of student health services provides testing, flu shots, over-the-counter medications, physician referrals, and other referrals. OSHS appointments are provided at no extra cost to students, except when specific services, such as vaccinations, are required. Students who are referred to physicians, hospitals, or other services assume the responsibility for the cost of those services.

So that we can serve your needs and ensure the safety of all members of the Huntingdon community, each full-time student is required to submit health information during the enrollment process. Please be sure to complete the required forms on the Enrollment Forms and Information page.

The following information is provided to assist you with specific health needs:

Important Information about Student Insurance:

Students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more in any one semester are required to submit health insurance documentation. Students are required to comply with any and all federal and/or state laws regarding the maintenance of health insurance. Students are strongly urged to have medical, accident, hospitalization and health insurance from a reputable provider. Huntingdon College is not responsible for students’ health-related expenses. Information regarding health insurance is available in the Office of Student Health Services.

Note:  Students who take special medications or who are allergic to medications are strongly urged to wear medical identification warning bracelets.


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