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Searcy Hall—Residence Life

Move-in photo

Move-in fall 2013

Searcy rooms are in the traditional corridor-style. Rooms are furnished with one microwave/refrigerator unit, two loftable beds, two dressers, two desks, and built-in closets. Searcy Hall contains three community lobbies and a movie theater that seats 49 people.

Note: All residence halls are wired for telephone and cable and are Internet accessible. Single rooms are not available to freshmen except in unusual circumstances; availability is limited and subject to housing demands.

Searcy Hall Traditional-style

Capacity: 2 students
Main Floor: 14′ x 11′
Window: 38.5″ W x 58.5″ H
Bed Size: Extra long twin
Closet: 46.5″ W x 68″ D
Bathrooms: Community