Take Note

Happy Summer!

Summer hours 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


New Student move-inFor new students, roommate assignments are made during the summer prior to fall term enrollment, after the Office of Residence Life receives your Campus Residency Form and Campus Residency License Contract, which are part of the Enrollment Forms and Information page. We ask that students (not parents) complete these forms carefully and honestly so that the Office of Residence Life has the best information possible in order to select your roommate. If you already know with whom you would like to room, simply indicate that person’s name and information on a Roommate Request Form. In order to be assigned to a specific roommate, you must both request each other on the forms, and you must both be eligible to room together (freshman students may only room with other freshmen, for example). Assignments are usually mailed in late July.

Returning students are asked to select their roommates and suite- or cluster-mates, as appropriate, during the Room Draw process in the spring. Please indicate on the housing forms the names of the student(s) with whom you will room and your room preferences, as explained in the Room Draw information.

If your roommate leaves the College or graduates, a new roommate will be assigned to you unless you identify a student with whom you would like to room. If you remain as a single occupant in a room, you may be charged the single room rate rather than the double room rate.