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Ellison Lecture: Frank X Walker

Thursday, February 22, 7:30 p.m., Smith Recital Hall

Mark Dunn 2017

Mark Dunn photo

Mark Dunn 2017

Intense. That’s a word that could describe Ambassador Mark Dunn ’17. He doesn’t take the easy road through anything. He once swam across a partially frozen pond in the middle of February just to win a game of Capture the Flag. He’s also climbed a nearly 14,000-foot mountain in Colorado. And he’s just as intense in thought as he is adventurous. If Mark could have dinner with anyone on the planet whom he hasn’t met, he’d choose Stephen Hawking, “mostly because I find theoretical physics fascinating. I have many questions for him to answer.” Mark’s favorite professor is Dr. Lynn Disbrow, chair of the Department of Communication Studies and Psychology and dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. “I love how she is able to direct the classroom in such a positive way. She has great relationships with her students. She doesn’t just give information, she asks questions that require critical thinking.” He says he chose Huntingdon because of the size and because “I knew it would be a school that would invest in me.” While at HC, Mark has invested himself in Sigma Nu fraternity, in service as an Orientation Leader and a member of the Hawks baseball team, and in his majors in mathematics and business administration. The result? A 4.0 GPA, of course. His goal? A career in civil engineering. Mark’s intensity got a jump-start at one of the best high school programs in the country, Montgomery’s Loveless Academic Magnet Program (LAMP). But there’s also the side of him that likes to just hang out and have a good time—whether literally, in a hammock from a tree on the Green, or figuratively, tailgating and playing beach volleyball with friends. He also relaxes by playing the piano and drums, watching a good movie, or playing golf or tennis. Wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, expect him to be earnestly engaged—and successful.