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The Green 2015There is nothing more vital to community than communication. Because full-time Huntingdon students receive laptop computers and are connected to the College Web site as their home page—as well as through Huntingdon’s e-mail system—there are many ways to receive and disseminate information through the College’s Office of Communication, Flowers 103; news@hawks.huntingdon.edu. Here are a few important things you need to know:

The Huntingdon Web Site

The Office of Communications maintains the College Web site.  If you are searching for information on the Web that you can’t find, please let us know.  Accessibility to information and easy navigation are two of our foremost concerns, so your feedback is important (news@hawks.huntingdon.edu). Certain sections of the site, described below, are especially helpful in keeping up-to-date with Huntingdon happenings.


Important information and pertinent announcements are posted under the Take Note section of the College Web site, at the top of the screen on the home page.


Stay current on what’s happening on campus by referring to this section on the home page, from which you may link to the main calendar and sort events by event type or audience.


Links to the College’s Facebook (HuntingdonCollege), Instagram (@huntingdoncollege) and Twitter (@HuntingdonColl) pages are posted just below the scrolling student profiles section at the bottom of every page.

E-communications and News


The College publishes a weekly e-newsletter, The Talon, that is disseminated by e-mail to traditional day students, faculty, and staff, and to alumni, friends, neighbors, and parents who ask to be included on the the distribution list. The Talon is also posted on the home page at the time of publishing.  To request inclusion on an e-distribution list if you are not a full-time student, faculty, or staff member, send an e-mail to news@hawks.huntingdon.edu and indicate your relationship to the College through one of the aforementioned categories.  If you are a parent, it is helpful to know your student’s name, as well.  To submit news, send an email to news@hawks.huntingdon.edu.


The latest news releases are posted on the “News” section of the site on the site’s home page.


The Office of Sports Information office is part of the Department of Athletics.  Athletics news is posted under the Athletics section of the Web site.  You may sign up to receive athletics news releases by sending an e-mail to the sports information director at sid@hawks.huntingdon.edu.

Communication Services


The Office of Communication is happy to serve students and families in telling Huntingdon’s good news.  If your club or organization is planning an event, be sure you post the event on the main calendar by submitting an Event Request Form to the Office of Travel and Event Planning (Tricia Grier); and then be sure you publicize it to the College community by submitting it to the Office of Communications by sending an email to news@hawks.huntingdon.eduYour publicity request must include the event title, the name of the group hosting the event, the purpose or content of the event, the date, time, place, and cost of the event, and how to RSVP, if necessary.  Be sure to include an event contact person’s e-mail and phone number in the request.


The Office of Communications is always interested in publishing good photography of campus events.  High resolution photos are necessary for print media; lower resolution photos can be used on the Web only.  If you have a photo that you would like to give to the Office of Communication for publishing consideration, simply send it by email to Su Ofe at news@hawks.huntingdon.edu.  Be sure you indicate what the photo depicts and who shot it.  Please recognize that we cannot always give photo credit to the photographer and the College has the right to use the photo in any way deemed suitable once the photo has been submitted, with no compensation paid to photographers.  To request photos for use in publications or to send a request for a photographer to be present at an event, send an email for that purpose, as well.



Huntingdon College Magazine is published annually near the end of the calendar year and is distributed on-campus and mailed to alumni, friends, and parents of current students.  You may also read it online.  The magazine is produced by the Office of Communications.


The Office of Communications produces numerous College publications for use in College marketing, including posters, brochures, and materials used by the Office of Admission. If your office or organization is in need of a poster or brochure, contact the Office of Communications so that we can discuss your needs and determine the most appropriate way to meet those needs.


The Office of Communications (an arm of the Office of College and Alumni Relations) is in Flowers 103 and is womaned by Su Ofe, associate vice president for communication and marketing.  Stop by and say hello!