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The Class of 2018 graduates Saturday, May 5!

Traditional Day, 9:00 a.m.; Evening Studies, 6:00 p.m., The Green

Archives for July 2015

Ambassador Spotlight: Lauren Lugen ’16

Today we offer 5 cheers and a few flips, kicks and waves for Prattville, Alabama, native and Huntingdon Ambassador Lauren Lugen, the cheeriest cheerer for the Hawks, the Huntingdon Hawks.

Ambassador Spotlight: Buck Robinson ’17

Humble, warm-hearted, respectful, yes-I-can ready, and home-town kind, Buck is the sort of guy anyone would want to claim as their son, and those qualities also make him an excellent Huntingdon Ambassador.

Ambassador Spotlight: Elexis Arnold ’16

A Sport Studies-Exercise Science major, Elexis plans to complete a doctorate in physical therapy when she flies onward from Huntingdon. “This summer I am observing physical therapists to help me in my journey to become one,” she says. “I am doing 20 hours at UAB Hospital and 20 hours at a sports medicine clinic. By observing them, I get to have insight on my future career and to explore the different options I have.”

Ambassador Spotlight: Brennan Parker ’16

“I really enjoy the family feel you get here,” says Brennan. “The teachers know you by name and you develop good relationships with faculty. … It’s hard to be a nobody here.”

Ambassador Spotlight: Anna Raley ’16

Ambassador Anna Raley ’16 loves young people. This spunky, friendly Fairhope, Alabama, native also loves the water (as in pools and beaches), historic sites, Pope Francis, and feeling at home.

Ambassador Spotlight: Zach den Besten ’17

Ambassador Zach den Besten ’17 knows his priorities, and he addresses them strategically, carefully, and with fervor. A chemistry major and biology minor with a 4.0 GPA, Zach plans to attend medical school and has strong interest in a career as a surgeon.

Ambassador Spotlight: Adrienne Murer ’16

Ambassador Adrienne Murer ’16 is definitely one to toot her own horn—but that’s always a good thing, in her case. She plays trumpet for the Marching Scarlet and Grey, Huntingdon Winds symphonic band, and the Jazz ensemble, and her very stance and the look in her eyes make you certain she has complete command of her instrument.

Ambassador Spotlight: Garrick Pimienta Jr. ’17

He says he chose Huntingdon because, “I love to know everyone and have everyone know me. I also love how beautiful my campus is,” and that may be why his three words for Huntingdon are “Home Sweet Home.”

Ambassador Spotlight: Jessie Ray Culey ’16

This Hawk has winged her way around the world already in her short life. The daughter of Air Force parents, she was born in Okinawa, Japan, and lived for 8 years in South Dakota. Now her parents have retired, landing her in Slapout, Alabama, slap in the middle of Alabama’s state-long spread of golf courses—perfect for a member of the Huntingdon women’s golf team.

Ambassador Spotlight: Ryan Runager ’17

Commander for Sigma Nu fraternity, senator for the Student Government Association, publicity team member for Campus Ministries, member of the Drama Club, Orientation Leader, work-study student, member of the Student Alumni Association, religion and communication studies double major—Ambassador and Moulton, Alabama, native Ryan Runager ’17 has a schedule that could crush even the hardiest soul, but he glides through campus with simple ease and a smile.