A Message to the Huntingdon College Family from President J. Cameron West

June 3, 2020

A message to the Huntingdon College Family,

In this environment of social injustice, I cannot imagine how some of you are feeling. Please know that I am listening to you.  I hear you.

My personal commitment and the institution’s commitment to respond to social injustice is rooted in the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church.

We affirm these principles, which include:

“We deplore acts of hate or violence against groups or persons based on race.…”

“Racism, manifested as sin, plagues and hinders our relationship with Christ, inasmuch as it is antithetical to the gospel itself.”

“We oppose the creation of a racial hierarchy in any culture.”

“We recognize racism as sin and affirm the ultimate temporal worth of all persons.”

“We commend and encourage the self-awareness of all racial and ethnic groups and oppressed people that leads them to demand their just and equal rights as members of society.”

We rededicate ourselves as an institution committed to preparing students to combat racism, to lead ethical lives of service, to apply wisdom in service, and to act to create a more free and just society. I challenge our students, faculty, staff, and alumni to join me in denouncing all forms of racism, violence and hate.

Faithfully your President,

Cam West

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Vice President
for Marketing and Communications
(334) 833-4515 | news@hawks.huntingdon.edu

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