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July 26 | August 17

Mission, Vision, Goals

A Community of Faith, Wisdom, and Service

Enter to Grow in WisdomHuntingdon College, founded in 1854, is a community of faith, wisdom, and service. Huntingdon serves approximately 1100 students in the traditional undergraduate program and the Evening Studies program, providing an outstanding liberal arts education in an atmosphere that supports spiritual growth and inquiry.


Huntingdon College is an institution with a rich liberal arts tradition that is grounded in the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United Methodist Church. The College embraces the development and growth of its students in faith, wisdom, and service, providing a solid foundation that will enable them to respond to the needs of today’s global and complex world.


Go Forth to Apply Wisdom in ServiceHuntingdon College, through the use of traditional and non-traditional teaching and learning environments, provides a foundational education in the liberal arts disciplines and professional academic studies across multiple degree levels for students from diverse backgrounds.


Huntingdon College, to fulfill its mission, is committed to ensuring that each student will:

  • study a core curriculum that develops the student’s ability to comprehend new ideas, to examine concepts critically, and to communicate clearly;
  • explore in depth one or more fields of knowledge;
  • be provided an environment conducive to learning, growth, and maturity;
  • be encouraged to develop a sense of vocation by examining career options and postgraduate opportunities;
  • be supported and challenged in ethical, spiritual, and religious development.
  • be provided opportunities to apply understanding and skills in the service to others.

Adopted May 2018