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The Class of 2018 graduates Saturday, May 5!

Traditional Day, 9:00 a.m.; Evening Studies, 6:00 p.m., The Green

Julia A. Pratt and Weenona Hanson Halls

Pratt Hall

Pratt Hall

Pratt Hall

From its beginning, the College enjoyed the friendship and generosity of Prattville native Julia A. Pratt. This building, constructed in 1912 as a residence for the president and his family, faculty, and students, was named in Ms. Pratt’s honor. The most beautiful feature of this building is its lobby, now used as the Commuter Lounge (Pratt Lobby). Visitors are intrigued by Pratt Hall because it is the home of the College’s famous ghost, The Red Lady. You can read her story in the book, Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, written by alumna Kathryn Tucker Windham ’39 and former Huntingdon English professor Margaret Gillis Figh.

Hanson Hall

Weenona Hanson Hall (1924) bears the name of Mrs. Victor H. Hanson. Constructed perpendicular to Pratt Hall, it was funded through contributions by Mr. Hanson and Montgomery citizens. The building is a residence hall and is under renovation, reopening one floor at a time as completed.