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July 26 | August 17

The Huntingdon Plan

A Stretch-Your-Limits College Experience

Flowers Hall front door

A Huntingdon education is so much more than lectures and tests. The Huntingdon Plan connects you with mentors and friends, includes experience in the real world, and helps you know how your gifts and talents can meet the world’s needs. Get ready for a stretch-your-limits experience that includes:

  • Real Life Liberal Arts—Liberal arts courses that expand your mind and active learning that strengthens your skills.
  • Connections—A laptop computer (yours to use all four years and yours to keep at graduation) connects you instantly for research and communication.
  • Exploration—Travel and study with your classmates during your senior year with most costs covered by tuition and fees.
  • Fixed Books—The cost of books is included in the cost of Huntingdon tuition and fees (students entering fall 2016 forward).
  • Lead and Serve—Every student group, club, organization, or activity at Huntingdon serves the larger community—you take the lead.
  • Know and Be Known—A low student-to-faculty ratio, small classes, and plenty of times and places to gather outside of class extend relationships with faculty beyond the classroom so you will know them as people, and they will know you.