Preparing for Engineering School Admission

After completing her degree in Mathematics at Huntingdon, Shelby Robinson Hodgson ’14 earned her master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. She works as a structure engineer with Atlas Air World Holdings in Madison, Alabama. She is pictured with her husband, Will Hodgson IV ’13.

Huntingdon graduates have entered professional study in nearly every realm of engineering with great success. The Huntingdon Engineering Track provides the knowledge, confidence, and communication skills you need for success through:

  • A broad-based liberal arts education.
  • Challenging coursework.
  • Meaningful internships.
  • Close advising by faculty mentors with focused attention toward your goals.
  • Letters of recommendation written by faculty members who know you well.

Mathematics is a great major to prepare you for further study in engineering. Depending on your engineering focus, Chemistry, and Biology can also serve you well.

To plan for professional study:

Mitchell Luckie ’15, a Chemistry major at Huntingdon, was admitted to the graduate program in chemical engineering at Auburn University after graduating.
  • Identify the types of programs that interest you most.
  • At the same time, research the schools that offer those programs. A good resource is the ABET list of accredited programs.
  • While visiting your selected engineering programs, determine application deadlines and prerequisite courses.
  • Plan your Huntingdon courses not only to fulfill your graduation requirements, but also to meet requirements for professional school admission.
  • Prepare for graduate school admission tests. If you plan to enter an undergraduate program,  forward your SAT or ACT scores.
  • Keep your Huntingdon grades strong, especially in math and science. Complete as many physics and upper-level mathematics courses as possible.
  • As your Huntingdon graduation approaches, complete the admission requirements for the schools of engineering that interest you.
  • Work with your Huntingdon academic adviser and your Engineering Track adviser to plan for your goals.

For more information, contact adviser Jaime Demick.

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