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Dr. Maureen Kendrick Murphy ’78, right, with HC graduate and pharmacist Cole Smith ’11


Congratulations! You are considering a challenging and rewarding profession and we wish you every success! To prepare for these competitive career fields, you must begin early and build a record of academic and professional accomplishment. Start here by looking through the pages for your intended career. Check back as you plan and make progress toward your goal because requirements do change.

The Pre-Health Professions Committee (HPPC)

The Pre-Health Professions Committee consists of faculty who are knowledgeable about health professions and about professional school admission. These faculty members will answer your questions and work with you to establish a plan that is personal to your situation. All members are full-time faculty in the Departments of Chemistry, Biology, or Sport Science and Physical Education at Huntingdon. These faculty advisers provide help in the following areas:

  • Curriculum advising
  • Academic assistance in special areas
  • The professional school application process
  • Letters of evaluation (required for applicants to many professional schools)

All students should seek the advice of one (or more) of the members of the committee. In some cases, the committee member is your academic adviser. The committee works as a group. Students may seek the advice of multiple members at once or individually.

The HPPC committee members are:


The Pre-Health Committee assists you with planning a pre-professional curriculum and/or with completing an academic major. Most health professions schools do not require a specific major for admission eligibility, however some majors can have specific advantages. We have listed some curriculum advice and recommended majors for specific health professions on each webpage.

Academic Assistance

In addition to curriculum advice, our Pre-Health Professions Committee members assist with the required coursework for professional school preparation and standardized test preparation. All students, staff and alumni of Huntingdon College can receive free online testing for the MCAT, DAT and PCAT through our S.M.A.R.T. program. For more information on this program, see Dr. Maureen Murphy (phone- 334-833-4462; maureenm@huntingdon.edu).

Professional School Application Process

At Huntingdon College, our Pre-Health Professions Committee members will help you with each aspect of the application process. This includes advising you of timelines and deadlines, preliminary evaluation of your personal statement, guidance in drafting a work history, and preparing for professional interviews.

Letters of Evaluation

Students seeking entrance into medical or dental schools within the state of Alabama need to have letters of evaluation submitted with the application. Students seeking letters of evaluation may submit a request with your HPPC adviser or with the committee as a whole. Reference letter requests require at least two weeks’ notice.

For specific information about your intended profession, see the appropriate professional program page.

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