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Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation

sullivan award photo

2016 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award winner Kristen Renee Curtis ’16, with Provost Chad Eggleston (left) and President J. Cameron West.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan was a late nineteenth century New York lawyer who was a founding partner of the Sullivan Cromwell law firm, one of the preeminent law firms in the United States. He was a devout Christian man, an effective mediator, a powerful, compelling orator, a courageous citizen during perilous times, a noted philanthropist, and a devoted family man.

Mary Mildred Sullivan, born and reared in Winchester, Virginia, was an extraordinary woman. She demonstrated remarkable strength and fortitude during the Civil War, as she was a young southern woman living in New York City—a person whose sympathies lay with the southern region and with her brothers fighting for the Confederacy. She crossed enemy lines on several occasions to bring comfort and nursing care to her relatives and family friends.

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan and Mary Mildred Sullivan Awards were established by the New York Southern Society in 1925 in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. These awards seek to perpetuate the excellence of character and humanitarian service of Algernon and Mary Mildred Sullivan by recognizing and honoring such qualities in others, and are given only by selected “representative institutions” throughout the southern United States.

George Hammond Sullivan, the only child of Algernon and Mary Mildred Sullivan, established the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation in 1934 to perpetuate the estimable qualities and values of his mother and father. Since 1934, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation has taken as its primary mission the inspiring of young people to lead lives of integrity, characterized by service above self and service to the community. The Foundation has sought to accomplish this goal in two ways: 1) through awarding scholarships to deserving college students; and 2) through presenting awards to graduating college seniors who have distinguished themselves in service to others and to the community.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Recipients

2016 Kristen Renee Curtis (Wright) Class of 2016, a Religion major from Silverhill, Alabama, recognizing her scholarship, service to the United Methodist Church, and character
2015 Mary Kathryn Dismuke Class of 2015, Psychology major, recognizing her service to the College and to the United Methodist Church, as well as her character
2014 Taylor Claire Bean Class of 2014, Music major with Worship Leadership concentration, recognizing her scholarship, service as a church intern, character, and contributions to the life of the College
2013 Sherry Leigh Lacey Class of 2013, Psychology major, recognizing her service to the community as a church intern and her interest in helping youth through a career in education counseling
2012 Louis Hines Class of 2012, Physical Education major, recognizing his interest in bettering the community through sports and fitness
2011 Chelsey Jones Class of 2011, Religion major, recognizing her service as an intern for local churches
2010 Patrick Carnathan Class of 2010, Christian Education major, recognizing his community service and service to the College through his work with Campus Ministries
2009 Adam Cotant Class of 2009, Biology major, recognizing his work with Campus Ministries
2008 Frankie Vorrosso Class of 2009, Accounting major, recognizing his work with the SaveFirst program for low-income families
2007 Mark Colson Class of 2007, Business Administration major, recognizing his work with the Business Council of Alabama and MANE
2006 Coleman Cosgrove Class of 2006, Communication Studies major, recognizing his work in ministry
2005 Robin Steele (Thornhill) Class of 2005, Theater major, recognizing her work with theater and children’s theater
2004 Crystal Bedwell (Langford) Class of 2004, Communication Studies major, recognizing her work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and with camps for children with cancer

Mary Mildred Sullivan Award Recipients

2016 Bishop Paul L. Leeland Bishop, Alabama-West Florida Conference, The United Methodist Church; Huntingdon College trustee
2015 Mr. David Hudson Class of 1981; immediate past chair, Huntingdon College Board of Trustees
2014 Mr. John C. Bullard Sr. Retired CEO, Huntingdon College Trustee
2013 Mr. Howard Adams President, Capital Veneer Works; Huntingdon College Trustee
2012 The Rev. Dr. Frank Buckner Professor of Religion, Huntingdon College
2011 Mr. James Anderson Class of 1976 Huntingdon alumnus, Huntingdon College Trustee, attorney
2010 The Reverend Brian Smith Class of 1994,Huntingdon alumnus;  Huntingdon College Chaplain and Director of Community Service
2009 Mr. John Albritton Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, recognizing his work with Faith Radio and on behalf of the College and the community
2008 Ms. Barbara White Instructor of Accounting, recognizing her work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the SaveFirst program
2007 The Reverend Dr. Mark La Branche Dean of Ligon Chapel and Senior Vice President, recognizing a long record of service with the Montgomery County School Board and numerous community projects, including the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
2006 Ms. Suellen Ofe Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing, recognizing her support of the College, of her church, and of women’s education
2005 *Ms. Jean Rodgers Retired, former Registrar; alumna, Class of 1949; recognizing her many years of service to Huntingdon College and to the First United Methodist Church community
2004 Chief Mike Ward Chief of Security, recognizing many years of service as a foster parent and an elder at Immanuel Presbyterian Church
2003 The Reverend Dr. Lawson Bryan Senior Minister, First United Methodist Church, Dothan; member of the Board of Trustees