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John Massey Heritage Society

John Massey Heritage Society membersThe John Massey Heritage Society was organized in 1993 to recognize individuals who have been instrumental in providing for the long-term financial security of Huntingdon College. The Society was appropriately named in honor of Dr. John Massey, who enjoyed a long and productive tenure as Huntingdon’s president from 1896 to 1909 and was instrumental in the College’s move from its beginnings in Tuskegee to the capital city of Montgomery.

Membership in the Heritage Society is awarded to those who have notified the College that they have included Huntingdon as a direct beneficiary in an estate plan. Members’ names are included on a donor plaque in Flowers Hall.

If you have planned an estate or life income gift to benefit Huntingdon College, we would be honored to add you to the rolls of the John Massey Heritage Society. For additional information on joining this society, please contact the Office of College and Alumni Relations at (334) 833-4563.