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The Scarlet and Grey Circle

Scarlet and Grey Circle (Small)The Scarlet and Grey Circle was created for loyal students and alumni who want to preserve the Huntingdon experience for future generations of students. By joining the Circle, students and alumni pledge to do three things:

  • be a life-long ambassador for the College
  • encourage future students to attend Huntingdon
  • make an annual gift to the College

There is no dollar requirement for the annual gift; rather, the Scarlet and Grey Circle celebrates the act of giving back to the College each and every year.

Having a large number of Huntingdon alumni who are willing to pledge a lifetime commitment to the College speaks volumes to foundations and other major donors who evaluate colleges and universities based on their alumni giving percentages.

Your loyalty to Huntingdon matters to the College. We truly hope membership in the Scarlet and Grey Circle will give you and other alumni a vehicle by which to demonstrate your unending commitment to Huntingdon and provide the College with opportunities to honor you. Please show your support by joining the Scarlet and Grey Circle today. Contact the Office of College and Alumni Relations, (334) 833-4563.