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Huntingdon Campus Ministries offers a wide range of small groups for the purpose of student worship leadership and planning, spiritual growth, and the study of Scripture.

Small Groups

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Ligon Ladies

Ligon Ladies is a community discipleship group for freshman women that meets in the lobby of Ligon Residence Hall Monday evenings, 8:00–9:00 p.m. This group is devoted to: (1) offering a safe space for young women to engage questions of faith; (2) providing biblical discipleship; (3) empowering young women to discover and live into the calling God has placed on their lives.

Fresh Men Fellowship

Fresh Men Fellowship is a fellowship-discipleship group for freshman men that meets in the basement of Searcy Hall Monday evenings, 8:00–9:00 p.m. FMF is devoted to: (1) offering a safe space for young men to engage questions of faith; (2) providing biblical discipleship; (3) empowering young men to discover and live into the calling God has on their lives.

Other Small Groups

Campus Ministries offers a variety of small group discipleship opportunities throughout the school year. Some small groups are led by fellow classmates, while others are led by young adult mentors. Some small groups are discipleship-based, wherein the students gather together to engage in biblical and theological conversations. Other small groups are fellowship-based, providing a common activity around which students may gather while engaging in personal conversations of spiritual growth and accountability.


The Campus Ministries LEAD Team is dedicated to offering students leadership roles in different areas of ministry.

Together, the LEAD Team:

  • learns what it means to be a Christian leader and disciple of Jesus Christ;
  • educates other students in their specific ministry areas; and
  • advocates on behalf of those inside and outside our community who are in need of support and a voice.

Areas of involvement on The LEAD Team include: worship team members and leaders; small group, prayer, bible study, retreat, worship systems, and fellowship coordinators; planning and publicity coordinators; and systems and technology leaders.

Community Events

Service at River Oaks Farm

Throughout the academic year Campus Ministries offers a variety of community events that build relationships among the women and men of Huntingdon College. These events provide students with a welcoming environment to enter into Christian community—and they are also a lot of fun!  Come out and capture the flag, bowl, warm up around a bonfire, serve the community, or take in a movie. These are just a few of the ways Campus Ministries brings students together.


Once each semester Campus Ministries leaves campus and takes a retreat to promote spiritual growth and community development. This retreat offers students the ability to get away and focus on their relationships with God, self, and others. Retreat locations vary each year.

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