The Huntingdon Leadership Academy (HLA) is a youth theological and vocational discernment camp that happens yearly at Huntingdon College. Our mission is to help youth discern their callings from God and raise up future leaders of the Church. Due to Covid-19, our week-long camp planned for 2020 was moved online. In 2021 we pivoted and spent our time creating curriculum written for youth ministries throughout the United Methodist Church.

The “You Are Called” 2021 HLA Curriculum (pdf) is created by a team of professors, United Methodist Clergy, and students at Huntingdon College. This curriculum is designed as a 4-week study engaging scripture, video resources, and spiritual practices. We encourage all ministers to adapt the study in the best ways that fit the needs of your congregation.

A generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., supports the Huntingdon Leadership Academy. We invite pastors and youth pastors at churches in the Alabama-West Florida and North Alabama Conferences of the United Methodist Church and beyond to identify and build future church leaders by encouraging students to participate in this study.

Who Should Participate

This year we encourage all youth groups and youth group leaders who are interested in exploring what it means to have a calling to download the “You Are Called” curriculum. This curriculum is designed for high school students who are discerning what it means to pursue the calling God has placed upon their lives.


The purpose of the Huntingdon Leadership Academy is to assist student leaders as they discern God’s call for who they should be and what they should do with their lives. Through this study, students will discover that calling is intertwined with who God has created us to be spiritually, physically, emotionally, individually, and communally.

As students engage with this material and wrestle with what it means to be called, they discover the purposes for which they were created and contribute greatly to the church and the world.

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