Intramural Sand Volleyball at Massey Beach

The Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Tuberculosis Medical Advisory Council recommend that colleges and universities ensure that new students (freshmen and transfers) are evaluated for tuberculosis prior to attending classes. Screening begins with an evaluation that is part of the Student Health Form, on the Enrollment Forms and Information page. Students with TB risk factors will undergo TB screening interviews to evaluate for signs and symptoms of active disease. Relevant symptoms include, but are not limited to, a persistent cough (3 weeks or more in duration), bloody sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss or loss of appetite. Each student who is determined to be part of an at-risk population for developing TB must present the results of a TB skin test (Mantoux PPD) within two months of matriculation. Note: If you have already taken the TB skin test and submitted the results, it is not necessary to repeat this process.

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