Questions about Residence Life? We have the answers!

RA helping with move-inQ:  Are students required to live on campus?

A:  See Residence Life Policies.

Q:  May I purchase a single room?

A:  Students who are sophomores through seniors are eligible to apply for a single room. To encourage residential community, first-year students are not granted single rooms. Exceptions require medical documentation. Single rooms are subject to availability.

Q:  When will I receive my housing assignment?

A:  First-year students will be assigned roommates according to their Campus Residency and Campus Residency License Contract forms. We ask that the students, not the parents, complete these forms so we can better match you with a roommate. Room assignments are made after you attend orientation and are emailed within two weeks of each orientation so students can make contact with their new roommates before the fall. Upperclassman students go through a Room Draw process in the spring semester to get their housing assignments for the following year.

Q:  May I bring a pet to campus?

A:  See Policies.

Q:  May I personalize my room?

A:  See Policies.

Q:  How do I gain access to my residence hall?

A:  Your student ID is also your swipe card for room access.

Q:  When will I receive my laptop?  What comes with it?

A:  New students pick up their personal laptops during Big Red Weekend in August.  The laptop comes with a carrying case and a cord for Internet accessibility.  You may bring a printer and printer supplies, or you may purchase printing services from the College Print and Mail Services Center, Roland Student Center.

Q:  When will I receive my parking tag and where do I park?

A:  You may register your car during the first week of classes.

Q:  When will I get my Student I.D., and how do I use it?

A: Your ID photo is taken during orientation and you’ll receive your card during Big Red Weekend.

Q:  May I purchase a meal plan as a commuter student, or add extra money to my account as a resident?

A:  Commuters may purchase a Commuter Meal Plan or simply add money to your student account, accessible from your swipe card (ID) for use in the Coffee House or the dining hall.  Residents may also add funds to their accounts for use in the dining hall or the Coffee House. There are several tiers of subscription that may be added to your account, but you may add any amount to your card.

Q:  How do I get involved in a club or organization that interests me?

A:  During the first week of classes, the Office of Student Affairs will offer an Organizational Fair (called the Org Fair), at which many of the clubs and organizations will be represented, and you can sign up to indicate your interest and be notified about meetings. Otherwise, watch for notices from Student Affairs or in the College’s e-newsletter, The Talon. Most clubs and organizations welcome new members at any time. The only organizations that have membership by invitation only are those associated with Greek Life, academic honor societies, and intercollegiate athletic teams.

Q: Will I have a campus mailbox?  How should mail be addressed?

A:  See Mail Services.

Q:  Will there be a phone in my room?

A:  There is a phone jack in every room and you may bring your own phone to plug into the jack. To have access to long distance calls, you must sign up for that service through the Tech Team. So many students rely on their cell phones that it is not common practice to bring or use a phone in the room, but it is a great back-up if your cell phone is lost or damaged.

Q:  Will I have wireless Internet access?

A:  Huntingdon is working steadily to make wireless access available from every corner of the campus.

Q:  May I bring a car on campus?  Can I get around town if I don’t have one?

A:  You may bring and park a car on campus. There are no restrictions, as long as you obtain a car tag and park in designated areas only.  If you don’t have a car, the Montgomery Transit System (MTS) operates a bus line that provides transportation throughout the city.

Q:  What do I need to bring if I live on campus?  What can I hang on the walls?  May I have pets?

A:  See What to Bring and consult the Housing Policies page.

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