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2021-2022 SGA leaders
2021-2022 SGA leaders are, from left, Nevaeh McIntyre, Treasurer; Chris Mayer, Vice President; Cam Nicely, President; Kennedy Chambers, Secretary; and Jasmine Paynter, Director of Publicity.

Founded in 1914, the Student Government Association has a long tradition of serving the student body. The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to represent the rights and opinions of the student body in a manner consistent with the ideals and goals of the College, to serve as a voice for the student body, while joining with the faculty, staff, and administration of the College in building a stronger, more effective educational institution.

The information pertaining to SGA on this page reflects the SGA Constitution (pdf) that was rewritten in 2022 and adopted by majority vote of the Huntingdon student body February 1, 2022.

SGA Branches

The Huntingdon Student Government Association is organized into three branches: the executive, legislative and judicial branches. All students by virtue of their registration and good standing at Huntingdon College are considered members of the SGA and elect representatives from the student body to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

  • Executive: The Executive Cabinet is comprised of the SGA president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the student body, and the public relations director, who is nominated by the Executive Cabinet and confirmed by the current Senate.
  • Legislative: Beginning June 1, 2022, the Student Senate, which is the vested with all legislative powers of the SGA, is comprised of 10 student senators elected from each class and 10 at-large student senators. Six seats may be appointed by the Executive Cabinet.
  • Judicial: The Judicial Board serves as the arbiter and interpretive body of the SGA Constitution; administers elections for executive, legislative, and judicial branch elections; sets dates for qualification deadlines and elections; hears impeachment appeals; and reviews the attendance and grade point averages of members of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The Judicial Board consists of five students who are elected by the student body, with the student who receives the most votes serving as the Chief Justice.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides and coordinates student entertainment, activities, and programming for the Huntingdon student body. The Board is selected through an interview and application process at the end of the fall semester and reports to the director of student activities. Members serve for the calendar year, from January through December. CAB plans events such as Welcome Back Week, the Countess of Huntingdon Ball, the Miss Huntingdon Pageant, and much more.

Freshman Leadership Initiative

The Freshman Leadership Initiative (FLI) is an interactive leadership experience geared to assist Huntingdon College freshmen in reaching their full potential during their college years and beyond. Whether through attendance at seminars on numerous leadership topics, self-management education, freshman forums, etiquette sessions, community service projects, luncheons featuring guest speakers, or off-campus retreats, the Freshman Leadership Initiative exposes participants to the fundamental skills of leadership at Huntingdon College.

FLI is for students in their first year at Huntingdon, as well as students who have an interest in being part of Students Government Association (SGA) in their sophomore year. FLI exposes students to what it takes to be a leader on campus and how they can make a difference as a leader at Huntingdon and in their adult lives.

Freshman Leadership Initiative events are open to the entire freshman class; however, to receive recognition for the completion of the program, one must apply to be part of the select 30-set group of Initiative participants.

Applicants who are accepted for membership in FLI must meet the following minimum requirements for recognition at the Awards Convocation in the spring semester:

  • Attend 6 leadership education programs;
  • Complete 6 hours of community service;
  • Attend 2 College-sponsored lectures/convocations;
  • Attend 2 SGA meetings; and
  • Serve in a Leadership Group.
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